Ricky Dicky


Pasty ork with a nervous tic.


Ricky Dicky is an ork rigger from Renton. He believes in just about every conspiracy theory and has affected a cockney accent (to throw off the aliens, you know!).

A childhood friend of Brynn Taggart, he was roped into a few gigs with her before she was ‘killed’.

In his Ares Roadmaster, he and the team cut a swath of destruction across Seattle trying to avenge her death. He always tried to find an opportunity to pull off his signature maneuver, the ‘Kool-Aid Man’, where he drove through a wall. It worked out well once or twice. Not that first time when he was stopped cold by a reinforced brick wall and nearly killed Rock Hardigan.

The dwarf didn’t stay mad long, at least. He thinks.

Anyway, they worked it out and snuffed a bloodsucker, so that was a good deed for mankind.

Except then turned out Brynn wasn’t dead after all and all of those conspiracies came rushing back.

No one is sure where Ricky is at these days…

Ricky Dicky

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