Brynn Taggart




Brynn Taggart is a young woman who grew up in Renton. Getting into the Shadows, she had her first big break working for a fixer named Julio Fernandez. As she rose in prominence, she needed a dependable crew to man the gigs that were slowly coming her way.
Reaching into her youth, she managed to piece together a team of Shadowrunners and proved their mettle with a job that Julio handed her, not having the time to staff it himself.

After one particular success, the extraction of a high value piece of art from the Triad, Brynn found herself in trouble. The team she had hired, friends from her childhood one and all, found her dead body in the warehouse she had leased for them.

The team set out to figure out what happened and avenged her death by removing Ian Miller, a Vampire Fixer, from the Shadows. Once he was dealt with, Julio revealed that Brynn had not been killed, that her murder was staged to remove the threat Ian posed while the team investigated and eliminated the Vampire.

Brynn Taggart

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