Razz Jackson


Stocky human, average height with brown hair in a military cut, slightly unkempt. Permanent 5’oclock shadow.


Razz Jackson was a UCAS Soldier who served his time, fought some questionable battles on behalf of the leadership, and found himself with a bottle on the Seattle Streets. He worked with some schoolyard chummers for some change but never went anywhere. Mostly with Zarcain Fierce and Ryan Taggart.

A run went sideways and Ryan was killed and there was nothing left for Razz but the bottle after that.

Until Ryan’s kid sister called him. She needed his help and against his better judgement he went to work.

After what can only be called ‘shenanigans’, Razz found himself with nuyen in his pocket and someone to look out for. Except he failed and they found Brynn cut to pieces in her doss. That gave him purpose, though. Find the fraggers who did this and put them down.

The next few months changed his life and he went from a military reject to a professional.

Then it turned out that Brynn wasn’t dead after all. All the better. Time to get to work.

Razz Jackson

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