xx - Michelle Tracey - Deceased


An attractive red-head from Renton, the woman left Renton as a mercenary after her younger sister was killed during a shoot-out between two go-gangs, one of them the 405 Hellhounds. Learning the skills of a sniper and assassin, she returned to the Seattle area to exact her vengeance.

Receiving a call from an old friend, Brynn Taggart, Michelle was pulled into a shadowrunning group with a ragtag band of mercenaries that she didn’t think much of. After a rocky start, she was set to leave the group behind when Brynn was murdered. Forced to work with them, things took a dark turn while the group was investing the owners of Club enlightenment in their Chateau in the woods.

The incident resulted in Michelle’s death and a dark stain on the team amongst the Shadowrunning community.

xx - Michelle Tracey - Deceased

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