xx - Ian Miller - Deceased

Who is this guy?


A fixer who hired the 405s to murder Brynn Taggart and steal the fan from her.


Ian Miller was a Vampire fixer who worked the Shadows on behalf of the extended HMHVV community. He was not well known in Shadow circles outside of those with HMHVV.

While running a job for the Yellow Lotus, Ian attempted to erase the trail to the Triad by eliminating everyone involved in the job. He underestimated his peer, Julio Fernandez and did not murder the fixer Brynn Taggart, though he thought he did.

The incident prompted a crew of Shadowrunners to doggedly pursue him, ultimately discovering his identity and, with the help of a Troll fixer known as Toil, another individual Ian had betrayed, the Shadowrunners ran him down and ultimately killed him.

xx - Ian Miller - Deceased

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