Dash ("-")

Street Mage with Triad Ties


“Dash” is a human mystic adept who currently calls the sprawls of Tacoma Seattle home. In all honesty, the concept of home is a work in progress for this runner, a word of definition but not of feeling. For the first 15 years of her life Dash was raised in a facility from which she was never allowed to leave.

Test subject 242 or 242 for short was essentially raised in isolation, with periodic encounters with facility employees that examined, taught, trained, operated on, and tortured to hone her ability to infiltrate and kill. Over the childhood, she was taught the art of infiltration, unarmed combat and magic. When she turned 15, she was implanted with a cranial bomb and taken on test missions.

Over the course of time, Dash befriended an old Chinese individual who worked as a janitor for the facility. Even though he was not supposed to he would talk to her over his midnight breaks. It was in these conversations that 242 actually learned of the world outside from more than an academic and professional perspective. One day, the old man said that he knew of someone that could potentially help her but the help would come with complications. He said that potentially there might be more strings in the new life than 242 had in the old life. She said that she was open to anything as things can’t get much worse.
Four days later 242 awoke with to the sound of a large explosion and gunfire. A few minutes later, her door opened and several black clad figures swung open the door and dragged her out of the compound. As she was being drug out of the facility, test subject 242 managed to grab a hold of her file hoping to have a better idea of her identity. The information was sparse: name “—“, gender: female, birthdate: “—“, parents “—“, etc. But in the lack of information she found identity, a name, the name of “dash.”

The next days were spent in solitude and darkness. Soon she was moved to a makeshift backyard operating room where thy removed a cranial bomb from the back of her skull. A few days later the triad informed her that she now owed them a sizeable debt. She started to pay down her debt through service. She was able to successfully engage in several small jobs but never really had any scores big enough to get her off of the streets more than a couple days or a week.

Eventually, she came to the notice of the Triad Red Pole NiNi Xiaolu. Dash’s efforts were instrumental in recovering a Triad artifact and ensuring others understood that it was unwise to meddle in the affairs of the Octagon. Through her work, the Octagon’s position in Seattle were strengthened and the Yellow Lotus suffered multiple setbacks.

Dash currently enjoys a elevated status within the Octagon as a privileged gweilo who often sits at Ni Ni’s right hand.

Dash is socially withdrawn because of her lack of experience engaging in people and some realistic paranoia that there is someone that wants to get her. She does ok with social settings in which she can plan the encounter out and almost strategically map the conversation ahead of times. She is by nature a calculator.

She knows that there is someone that is looking for her, someone that invested a lot of resources building and training her. Hopefully somewhere there is some greater clue to her identity

Dash ("-")

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