Best Served Cold

The Road to Vengeance


The death of Brynn Taggart, especially so close on the heels of their recent victories, was a sobering punch in the gut, as far as the crew was concerned. Finding her dead, abused body upstairs in the warehouse had turned their minds to darker thoughts, vengeance chief among them.

The clues were sparse, but they were there. A black folding knife embedded into the counter in the kitchen. Tire treads in the side alley, indicating, according to Ricky, at least two motorcycles. Roadsters, not racing bikes. The missing fan. The brutality of the killing.

They came back within a week with their answers. While the interior footage was hacked and wiped, footage from neighborhood cameras showed the arrival of three members of the 405 Hellhounds, a go-gang that generally operated in Bellevue; they left shortly afterward with something in a satchel. The knife was a calling card of a prime assassin known as ‘Mariposa’ or Butterfly. The Johnson arriving to claim the fan after the 405 gangers left, then hurriedly leaving empty handed.

Their first thought was to check the Johnson. Tyson Harvey. A middle manager at a distribution company who apparently moonlighted as a fixer for Shadowrunners. Zarcain and Rock went to his office and the receptionist said he hadn’t showed up to work in a few days.

Oda and Ricky went to the man’s house and found his body, along with the entirety of his home ransacked. That the entire house was upturned led the crew to believe that whatever the assailants were searching for, they didn’t find it. Probably the fan.

With those four busy tracking the leads on Tyson Harvey, Razz and Michelle looked in on Stonewall, the only one of the bikers that had visited Brynn’s doss that they were able to get identified. The dwarf had a record of criminal violence. They eventually learned that he frequented a local gentlemen’s club called ‘Cookies.’ Razz and Michelle went inside where Razz instantly became a hit with the 405 members that were already there by ingesting copious quantities of drugs and partying hard with them.

While there, he managed to convince the group to ‘invite more friends’ and then, afterwards, to take the party to the 405’s clubhouse, an autoshop in Bellevue. Razz and Michelle went with the go-gangers while the rest of the crew gathered and made their way, ten minutes behind. The promise of more friends, and more importantly: women, put the go-gangers in good spirits and they didn’t flinch when a van pulled up to the rolling door of their autoshop and Razz went to open the door.

They flinched hard when the opening revealed a GMC Bulldog with a Steel Lynx in the back, along with a gas grenade tossing dwarf and spell-slinging wizard. Despite the use of heavy ordinance of their own and even a crazed beast spirit, the crew had everything in hand within seconds. Unfortunately, not before an RPG was launched into the back of the van. Oda managed to escape, but Rock Hardagan was launched out of the van in the ensuing explosion, living by a miracle.

Afterwards, the crew executed each of the go-gangers they weren’t interested in and took the three they wanted back to the warehouse. Michelle was out for the count due to some knockout gas so Zarcain offered to drive her car with her in it back to the warehouse to meet with the crew.

The others arrived first and began preparations to question the go-gangers when the door opened and Zarcain walked in with Michelle, tied up and still unconscious. He unloaded her next to the three gangers.

“Uh… what the frag?” Rock demanded.

“Chill,” Zarcain responded. “It’s null sheen, chummer, let me explain!”


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