Best Served Cold

RIP, Brynn Taggert

The Long Revenge

R.I.P. Brynn Taggert

These. Mother. Fuckers.
Goddamn drek-sucking walking slagbags. Brynn Taggert is dead. You met her brother once, I think. He’s dead too, of course. He knew the risks though. He was a pretty established fixer, but he always loved to roll the dice. Brynn was just a kid. Or maybe thats how I’ll always remember her. Just getting started. She mostly played it safe. I should have known something was wrong when the Johnson never came to pick up the package. Should have went and found him, right then and there. In all the aftermath, we’ve forgotten about the fucking Johnson! Well, I fucking remember now. I’m gonna find him and ask some questions. I’m going to find all of them.

Well, not just me actually. The entire crew, even that Ghostbitch, “Rachael”, who doesn’t trust any of us and storms out of planning when she doesn’t get her way, only to show up the next day like nothing happened, even she is on the same page as us. I saw the look on her face. It was on all of our faces. Except for Fierce. But he’s not a killer. He might kill if he has to. But he doesn’t revel in the righteous slaughter like me and you. Or just the slaughter, like Razz and TrickyD. Oda seems cold. He presented a calm. But too calm. Like the surface of a frozen lake, smooth as glass. But under that surface, you could feel the typhoon building strength, gathering for that fateful day on the horizon when we find these fools. Even I could see it… It was there…

Rage… Hatred… Death… Destruction… Merciless Fury and Despair and Wrath.

So let’s talk about it. And by talk about it, I mean I’m gonna yell into the void all my chaotic brilliance, and your going to send it back to me, somehow, like you always do, drop by drop into a coherent logical progression of actions that will inevitably lead to our enemies dying and the rest of us living. Let’s dance.

Motive is clear. Fan is missing. The Johnson IS connected to this. At least that’s what my gut is telling me. We have no idea who this guy is. (Problem 1: Who is Johnson?)
Alternatively, he’s already dead and gave us up, but that’s less likely.

The knife was a calling card. But this job doesn’t match is M.O. at all. So either he was part of the mission (less likely) or he’s being framed. To be honest, if not for TrickyD, we probably would have bought-in, hook, line and sinker. Noone else would have caught that. VERY unlikely: Some idiot stabbed a butterfly knife into the counter, not knowing there was a SRNR who did the same thing as a calling card. Either way, if Fierce and I can contact him, we can find out the truth from him. He’s either a dead end, or he’ll lead us to Johnson. Either way, no harm in looking. If it turns out we can convince him someone is trying to frame him for a particularly BRUTAL VICIOUS UNPROFESSIONAL murder, he might just offer to help us out, simply to keep his professional, meticulous reputation intact. In this game, reputation is everything. No professional would allow this to go unanswered. Only question is, if he is involved, how do we find out without sending him underground? (Problem 2: Is Butterfly involved? How to find out?)

Gogang? (ForeFifeWonz)
To be honest, I’m not sold on this. Definitely worth looking into. The Brutal nature and petty theft fit their M.O. And they’re DEFINITELY SUICIDAL enough to do this to a friend of ours. I might just get my gang war, afterall. However, they are not the only idiots who ride on motorcycles. And what is their motive? They’re not runners, they’re gangers. Theyre pure scum. Not even Yakuza or Triad. No honor. No code. I’d kill every one of them for free. What sane Johnson would hire them to do this unless it was personal? I feel like Ghostbitch is too invested in these guys. Like, for some reason, she NEEDS them to be responsible. Maybe they are. But right now, they are only one piece in a very large puzzle. (Problem 3: I don’t see a motive or how they’d find us. Hired, maybe. But still, sending a go-gang to get a relatively ancient artifact seems like an obviously bad idea. This seems personal. How are they connected to our Johnson?)

How many motorcycles? A gang would definitely send more than two. (Another point against the go-gang). Are there any camera’s that had oversight on that alley, maybe from a building near the street where they entered the alley or a builidng in he alley? (Problem 4: Cameras observing alleyway)

Our host was hacked. Video footage was deleted. This means they had a Decker or a Cybermancer. I’m gonna have to work with Ghostbitch to find out if GoGangs have deckers. (As funny as it would be, I MUST NOT call her that to her face… not right now… it’s not the time for jokes.) My understanding is go-gangs are petty smash-and-grab drugged-out thugs. If so, this would definitely be a point AGAINST the Go-Gangs being involved. (Problem 5: 451 Decker)

Is it a calling card or not? How do we find out? (Problem 6: Knife. What does it mean?)

Can we get prints off the knife? If yes, we could probably trace prints to Go-gang member, giving us a definite answer whether they are involved, or if the motorcyle tracks are just motorcycle tracks. (Problem 7: Fingerprints)
Where is the fan? If we follow the fan, we can find who took it. (Note, FROM NOW ON, ALWAYS EMBED A HOMING BEACON IN PRICELESS ARTIFACTS!) (Problem 8. Track the fan)

Scene of the crime. Smash and grab entry is too clumsy for Butterfly. Deleting footage without wrecking host too subtle for Gogang. If we could contact Butterfly, I’d bet he’d not come back to the warehouse, if he was invovled… I certainly wouldn’t if I were him.

Going to be a very full week. Should split tasks with group where possible.

1) Johnson. I check warehouse host/ infobroker exchange for info on Johnson.
See if I can locate Brynn’s commlink.

2/7)Butterfly. With Fierce. Make contact. Tell him would like to meet, discuss significant mutual interest. Possible follow on job. Meet in person, at which point,
Option 1. Direct. (Do you leave a butterfly knife at your hits as a calling card? If so, someone is attempting to frame you for the murder of our friend)
Option 2. Indirect. (Invite to “safehouse”. Highly suspect if he refuses. Dart him, and bring him for questioning. If questioning is indeterminate, torture and kill)
Option 3: Fierce figures out the whole “talking” thing. Not my strength.

We don’t need to prove someone is trying to frame him, we just need to convince him.

3/5) Gogang. Do they have a decker? (Ghostbitch) I’m of a mind to go after these guys anyway. If all the datadelving we do gets us nowhere, we shoud just kill a bunch of these guys and get our hands on a mid-level/senior leader (Alive). There is probably all SORTS of usefull information we can torture out of him. Very profitable. Fun. Kinda an appetizer of death and destruction, while we await the main course to be served. I’ve got a big appetite. Ghostbitch is practically salivating. She mentioned she was gonna spend this whole week slaughtering them anyway. Might as well try to get some decent intel out of it.

4) Cameras (alley). Check this. Must find out who did this. Can’t kill EVERYONE.

6.) Knife. Have Fierce’s officials dust/run for prints. If we get PID on ONE Goganger, thats open season, as far as I’m concerned. Probably nothing, but we might just get lucky.

8) Have anyone with fixer/artifact/fence contacts inquire IRT a stolen fan being fenced.
For the right price (or persuasion) we might be able to have someone point us in the right direction, whether an assassin or go-ganger or johnson has tried to fence.
It’s ours. We stole it first.

REVENGE. I like the sound of the word. Times like this, I’m glad I learned some medical skills, so when we find the people responsible for this, I can keep them alive after I’m done with them. I’m actually giving serious consideration to not killing them. First, they’ll be castrated and cauterized. Next their feet, below the ankles. Then their hands at the wrist. and their nose, and eyes and tongue. They can keep their ears though. So that they may cherish every shriek of every child, marveling at their hideousness. Every babe that weeps at their approach, every woman who cries out, “Dear God! What is that Thing?!?” will echo in their perfect ears. To leave them in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery, forever. Then, of course, the Eye-for-an-Eye.

Of course, I’ll put it to a vote. Oda and Razz and Fierce might be fine with just murdering them. I hope not. I really hope none of my fellow runners are opposed to mind-blowing brutality. Which reminds me… Shopping list… I need to find a Twenty Cent curling iron…
Piano wire. Tricky D probably has the rest of what we need.

RIP Brynn Taggert. We’ll find them. And they won’t receive the luxery of death.
Not til they’ve earned it. At least if I had anything to say about it.


JaydeMoon Rockhardigan

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