Best Served Cold

Milk Run #1 (Dash)

Strike the match

“Hoi Chummer.” Dash said to herself as she looked through the binoculars at her next candidate. Jo or “Joey” Qiao, was head of a small Tiger biker gang that operated in the shadows of Downtown Tacoma. The past several nights she kept herself occupied by watching various Tiger groups from the roofs and the shadows. “It is very important to find the right patsy,” she reflected, “When you start a fire, you need to have good kindling.”

It seemed like her intelligence was correct, as this group of Tigers seemed to have more muscle than brain and more ego than both combined. As they pulled up to the Palace of China in Downtown Tacoma, they revved their motorcyles through the parking lot before parking in the three handicap spots up against the restaurant. Figures. Dash looked at her watch. 2030. Right on time. Hopefully they’ll stay true to their routine. Actually, this looked promising enough that she smiled at the night the Tigers looked forward too. Routine indeed.

“Joey”’s bike was a wiz looking Yamaha Nodahi. A beautiful, dangerous bike, buffed and chromed. Shame. The other bikes were also crotch rockets. “A bike,” she said to herself, “It would be nice to have a bike.” She was not looking forward to the walk back to the closest bus stop that would take her back home. It would take forever to get there without being seen. Maybe someday. Gotta stay alive first. Stop getting distracted. Keep your eye on the mark.

As it was a Friday, the restraunt was still busy. Joey pushed past the line of people waiting to get seated followed by 12 of his closest friends. No reaction from the waitress and the murmuring of the patrons were quickly hushed by the restraint staff. A table was left open for him. He’s done this before. Before he entered the building he did turn around and scoped out the parking lot. Perfect. Big smile for the camera.
Joey’s crew was a small contingent of the Tiger gang, a local Chinese gang that had strong connections to the 88’s. And that’s why I’m here tonight. Tonight is the first domino. The last will hopefully lead to an all out gang war.

“I need you” she said to the air. Within seconds a granite figure materialized before her. “Do it,” she told the figure, “And don’t get seen. If you’re successful, I will waive the rest of my services.” All that she could do now was watch. It should work. The spirit was so powerful she almost killed herself summoning it.

Within minutes she saw some kind of liquid dumped on all of the bikes and the small flame of a lighter. The spirit then dropped a small item in between some of the bikes but out of the fire. Good. He then disappeared. Even though no one saw the spirit, the resulting inferno definitely grabbed everyone’s attention. The Tigers sprinted out of the building guns drawn but left with nothing to shoot at. Two firetrucks and 30 minutes later, the fires were out and the polished chrome Nodahi was totaled. So were most of the other bikes.
“Find it, Find it,” She willed to the frothing Tigers. While cathartic, this night would mean nothing if they didn’t find the package. Nothing. Drek. She summoned another spirit. A manshaped figure materialized before her. I want you to help one of the gang members to look down at the ground and find the small package by the bikes. 30 seconds later one of the members reached down, picked something up, and handed it to Joey. Sometimes you have to make you own luck.

The particular piece of luck that was left behind was the comlink of Tam Yam, a competent triad enforcer. More specifically a Yellow Lotus enforcer. It was actually pretty easy to have a low level spirit grab it from his place after he stumbled home drunk the night before. Hopefully “Joey” won’t take too kindly to Tam torching his property or the extra text message I had sent to the phone telling him to do it. Hopefully the Tigers will do something stupid. And as the tigers are one of the main footsoldiers for the 88’s, if we continue to fan this flame then things will get really fun.

Frag, its going to be a long walk. I need to get a vehicle. That’s the chip truth.


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