Best Served Cold

Milk Run 2-Dash

“This does not feel right, not right at all.” Dash thought to herself as she half snuck up the street. As she approached the target address she had to consciously fight against her normal instincts. Instead of true stealth, this mission required another kind of sneaking, the kind of sneaking that got you discovered.

This was much harder than it appeared because she had complete her mission but also clearly be identified doing what she had to do. It also had to look like a genuine effort. Dash solved this problem by engaging in the kind of sneaking the “heroes do in the trids.” She mostly stayed in the shadows, moved quickly between cover, but did not allow herself to be patient or deliberate when approaching the target. The chances of immediate discovery were low-it was around 2 in the morning and the streets were essentially deserted in this nice of a neighborhood but she made sure that she was caught by several of the cameras she scoped out the night before.

Over the past week she had been preparing for this next phase of her plan. Her previous phase had essentially come to fruition. The last target, Joey Qiao, was a better choice than dash could have dreamed. Working with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, Joey sought out revenge against those he thought wronged him. Two drive bye’s and several raids later, several cells of the Tigers and Yellow Lotus were in all-out war and over the course of a week, wearing the Tiger colors in the wrong part of town turned into a capital offense. Unfortunately, in the past two days, the larger Tiger leadership saw the need to get control of the situation and “Joey” reluctantly heeled for his masters.

Upon reflection Dash recognized that part of what was making her uncomfortable was the clothes. Normally, she wore something loose and was movement friendly. Tonight, Dash was wearing the traditional black leather jacket, chaps, and other traditional garb of the Tigers. She wasn’t too worried about having stole them. The guy she got them from won’t be able to use them for a while if ever again. The clothes were the smallest changes for the night. They were accessorized by a very different and very particular face. Joey Qiao is definitely the trendsetter.

The face was compliments of Oda, a pretty skilled chummer that Dash had started to do some runs with. He seems both professional and competent. Ignoring that, he has done some of the best diguises (both magical and physical) that Dash had seen. He also had an interesting technique for dealing with spirits that could potentially be useful. Something to look into.

After ensuring that the face was “accidentally” seen by several of the cameras in the area, Dash reached her objective, a brand new pearly white SK Bently Concordat belonging to Damian Chao, a yellow lotus physical adept enforcer. Her contact said that Damian could smell an ambush or danger a mile away and was a tough vengeful son of a bitch. More importantly, her sources told her that he had been tasked to make sure that the Tiger issue doesn’t get in the way of business. She intentionally put her hands on different parts of the car and the outdoor carport. She wasn’t sure if the fake fingerprints would be found but there little downside to adding the little extra effort.

She slipped under the car and connected a lump of C-4 to the ignition system. Between the car’s firewall, Damian’s danger sense, and his magical fortitude there was a high likelihood that Damian would survive. If not, it was not ideal but a contingency was ready if that outcome emerged.

For the rest of the night, Dash used influence as many individuals she could, introducing the rumor that Joey had planned something big, something to put the end to all the fighting. Once that was done all she had left to do was sit and wait.


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