Best Served Cold

A Good Start

Oda was dealing with the passing of Brynn in his own way, he had spent the better part of the week painting a large portrait of Brynn, as she was the night he met her at the Rabid Rabbit Bar. As he was finishing up on the painting, Oda heard a commotion outside of the warehouse. As he exited, he noticed a groups of bikers walking away from a bruised and battered woman who was unconscious on the ground. Oda headed start for the young woman on the ground, drawing up his magic essence and forming that essence into a healing spell he cast on the woman. The bruises on her body faded and cuts and scrapes closed, after which the woman’s eyes slowly flitted open.

Oda: Miss you are ok going to be ok now.

She looked at him and then frantically started looking for something on the ground around her. After a few seconds of looking, she broke down crying.

Woman: No …. NO ……. NOOO they took it. They took everything.
Oda: What did they take?
Woman: They took my purse …. Which had everything in it …. I just got paid …. Now I will get evicted and can’t afford food.

Something had to be done, Oda just couldn’t allow another innocent to be destroyed in the same week, especially when he could do something about it. He told the women to go home and he would get her everything they had taken back with interest. Oda parted ways with the woman, actively recalling one of the license plates of the bikes that the women’s assailants had left on. He called Charles Boston and described the bikes and gave him the license plate number, to which Charles told Oda that he would call him back once he had something. Oda was not about to leave this to chance, so he summoned forth a spirit of air for the sole purpose of tracking down the vehicle.

Surprisingly the mundane approach provided answers first, as Charles called and informed Oda, that they were a biker gang that frequented the warehouse districts and were located right off the pier. Oda proceeded to the warehouse on foot, while doing so the spirit of air returned with a similar report as Charles. Oda dismissed the spirit as it had performed as requested. The time that it took Oda to make it to the warehouse fueled his angry and rage, not only in regards to the young women they had beaten but also with the circumstances that had befell Brynn.

Once Oda was a block or two down the street from the warehouse, he summoned another spirit, this time a powerful spirit of fire. He had this spirit remain in the astral as he would need its assistance soon enough. Oda then proceeded to the warehouse, where a single biker stood guard outside the door. The guard looked up as Oda approached.

Guard: Who the hell are you and where the drek you think you are going?

Oda didn’t respond with words, instead lightning erupted forth from his hand and struck into the chest of the guard. The electricity coursed through the guard’s body violently erupting from the back of his calves as the guard’s body slumped to the ground. Oda pushed open the doors to the warehouse open and stepped over the smoldering body of the guard as he entered. Inside the warehouse, the other bikers had been seated around a large round table in the center of the room drinking and playing cards. As Oda walked in, the bikers quickly came to their feet and pulled their weapons. The man who obviously was in charge of this group of miscreants began to speak.

_Biker Leader: Friend, I think you came into the wrong place but don’t worry we will take care of that. Kill em boys ….

Just as he spoke the last sentence, Oda had cast Mob Mind, and infiltrated the minds of the weak-willed criminals. He implanted the thought that this was a losing fight and the best course of action would be to drops their weapons. As Oda’s thought became their own, all of the bikers dropped their weapons. Oda then directed them to get on their knees in a circle facing inward, and once again the thoughts became their own and they complied. Oda then approached the table and took all the cred sticks, once satisfied that he had them all he turned his attention to the bikers. One by one he searched each of them, removing and then pocketing their cred sticks.

Oda then walked to the door of the warehouse, instead of leaving he pulled the smoldering corpse in and shut the door. He then turned to the five men that were on their knees in a circle at the center of the warehouse. Oda then called forth the powerful fire spirit he had summoned early in the center of that circle, mentally he issued on command: engulf. As he did this, the spirt materialized and spewed forth flame engulfing the five men. Oda stood there and listened as the flames burned out all the life from each of those five bikers. He thought to himself, this is a start and will pale in comparison to what those who killed Brynn will experience.

The next morning the young woman awoke to a pile of cred sticks and a single green origami praying mantis sitting on her night stand.


Great milk run Oda!

A Good Start
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